My Weekend Adventure

Happy Monday!! 🙂

OK, I know, it is not really Monday, but it sure feels like it to me!

I had great intentions on Sunday night to come home after a day away and write/schedule Monday’s blog post.  Those intentions were thrown out the window when we opened the door to a couple of inches of water covering the back third of our house.

Apparently, our water heater cracked and was spewing water everywhere.  Judging from the 70+ gallons of water that my awesome husband sucked up with the shop vac, it had been doing so for most of the day.  Suddenly, our kitchen and hallway were transformed into a giant indoor slip-n-slide! 😀

The next twenty-four hours were a blur of cleaning, drying, laughing, and, of course, spending money.  🙂  By 10:00 last night, we had all of the water cleaned up, a new water heater installed, and everything fixed and back in place.  And then we passed out.  🙂

I didn’t even think of my missed blog post until this morning.  So, I will be back on track, with the post I had planned for yesterday, in the morning.  Until then, check out these out:

 Writing on the Rocks released a new issue today, featuring a review of Jonathan Gould’s Doodling, an interview with Robert Bidnitto, and a guest post by Richard Goodship.

 My awesome writing buddy, Karen DeLabar, is off to Ireland on the trip of a lifetime.  Follow along with her adventures on her site.

 If you missed it on Friday, check out my review of Elizabeth Ann West’s novel, Cancelled.

I’m off to play catch-up on all the things I didn’t do yesterday.  Until tomorrow, my friends! 🙂

Thought? Ideas? Questions? Funny Story? Please Share! :-)

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