Who is Susi?


Coffee, cappuccino, lattes, Americanos, and even straight-up espresso, Susi has an addiction to all things coffee.  Add in hot and iced tea, and Susi may have a problem–but figures there are worse things she could do that have a little too much caffeine. 😉

The best mochas ever, from Bean Traders Coffee in Durham, NC.
The best mochas ever, from Bean Traders Coffee in Durham, NC.

Not a natural morning person, Susi’s caffeine addiction–including the cup of coffee her husband delivers to her well before sunrise every morning–has helped Susi to embrace mornings as much as afternoons and evenings.


Susi loves life’s coziest aspects-big comfy chairs that engulf you when you sit down, yummy comfort foods, and homey small towns filled with quirky characters–something reflected in her writing.

The coziest place on the planet, at least in Susi's mind, is a blanket on the beach on a warm day with a great book and hot cup of coffee or an ice-cold sangria.
The coziest place on earth–a blanket on a warm beach with a great book.


Snuggled into her office with a giant cup of coffee, Susi finds the creativity flows. Whether she is writing a new article, coming up with an eccentric new character, or adding an artistic flair to a client’s website, some of Susi’s happiest moments happen when she is hard at work.

If you look closely, you can see the pup passed out in her bed under the corner of the desk. But she’s not spoiled… 😉

On a personal note…

Susi has been married for over fifteen years.  Hubby is her biggest cheerleader and willing taste tester. Over the years the recipes Susi tries become more adventurous, but he always eats whatever she puts in front of him–even on the rare occasions where it is horrible. Even better, he always finds something he likes about every dish, even when she can’t.  How’s that for support? 😉


Susi and Hubby have an adorable little fur-baby who would be happiest if Susi would spend less time working and more time dedicated to puppy snuggles. You can follow along with Cami’s adventures on Instagram, where Susi tends to post way to many puppy pics.

She loves cooking and baking.  New recipes, old recipes, or putting her own twist on a classic, Susi finds quality time in the kitchen to be both relaxing and invigorating. The daughter of a foodie father, she will try just about anything once.



When not in the kitchen, Susi is an avid reader and sports fan. She loves spending time with family and friends, but, at the end of the day, there is nothing she loves more than curling up on the sofa in front of Hulu or Netflix. 😉