Comfort Food: Fresh from the Garden Spaghetti

I love comfort foodmacaroni and cheese, shepherd’s pie, pot roast, and, or course, spaghetti.


Spaghetti is my go-to meal for a variety of occasions ranging from nights I just don’t want to cook to nights I am feeding a large crowd.  It is tasty, filling, inexpensive, and easy! Add a salad and maybe some garlic bread and dinner can be done in as little as 20 minutes! 🙂

Yup, 20 minutes, even if I am making the sauce from scratch! Read More

A Quick, Healthy Dinner for a Lazy Night

It has been a fun couple of weeks in our house.  First, allergy season attacked, followed by  some nasty colds this weekend that put both Jon and I out of commission on Sunday and Monday.

Sunday night, we were lazy and called for a pizza for dinner. And it was good! 🙂 Still, we have been trying to watch what we eat, getting more veggies, fruit, and fish into our diet.  Somehow, pizza didn’t seem to fit that goal. Read More

Football Food – White Chicken Chili

About 8 years ago, my boss at the time gave everyone in the department a local cookbook as part of our Christmas gift.  When we asked him what was his favorite recipe, he directed us to a recipe his wife submitted for white chicken chili.

I made it the following Sunday. At the time, we had NFL Sunday ticket, and Sundays revolved around football and comfort food.  🙂 Since then, the White Chicken Chili has become an opening weekend tradition. Read More