Killer Stories

blog-background4.jpgI read as an escape, and love a good mystery!  While I read many genres, I tend to lean toward more lighthearted mysteries in my writing. Although many of my stories revolve around a death, I try to delve into the personal side of my characters–and all of their quirks. I tend to prefer amateur sleuths, and lean toward clean-cut characters and  cozy, small-town mysteries.

I love a great romance, and have found in my life that love tends to pop up at the most unexpected times. I truly believe that the most important thing in life is the relationships we cultivate with others, and this is a theme I like to carry through everything I write.  Of course, when falling in love coincides with trying to solve a murder interesting twists are a given. 😀

My love of cooking, as well as the years I worked in hotels and restaurants, tend to be well represented in my writing.  My main characters tend toward careers in hospitality in some form, whether as an innkeeper or a barista (two of my favorite characters).  Even those in different fields love to cook–although they aren’t always very good at it. 😉

cropped-books1.jpgAs I continue my journey toward publication, I will update this page with any news.  Until then, check out my Goodreads page to see some of my favorite reads! ❤