Signs of Spring

We are buried under a half-foot of snow in eastern Pennsylvania, but this week still showed some early signs of spring. Yes, I know that technically spring is still over a month away, but a girl can dream of warm, sunny days even in February, right? 😉

Wednesday was beautiful – 61℉ with mostly sunny skies. I went for what started as a short walk–and finally strolled back in the front door 6.4 miles later.

A beautiful day for a nice long walk.
A beautiful day for a nice long walk.

Unfortunately, as soon as the sun went down, temperatures plummeted, and by midnight it was snowing. I really can’t complain–this is really the first storm of the year. Until now it has been a very mild winter (almost North Carolina like).

A snowy morning. At least Pup was happy--she loves the snow.
A snowy morning. At least Pup was happy–she loves the snow.

Of course, I expect snow this time of year–it is February in the Northeast. But, I also know that there is one other awesome sign of spring that happens this time every year. Truck Day!

If you aren’t a baseball fan, you may be looking at the screen like I am insane right now. Heck, you may be doing that anyway. 😉

Truck Day is the day the MLB teams pack up all the equipment for spring training and head south, in most cases to Florida or Arizona.

I woke up on Monday morning to this:

I am a Phillies fan, but Hubby is a Red Sox fan, so this just made my week! Wednesday, the Phillies truck followed behind.

I love that Phanatic!

Next stop, Spring Training! Pitchers and catchers report on Monday. ❤

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Are you on the lookout for signs of spring? What are some of your favorites? 

Who Says You Can’t Go Home?

It’s been a while since I posted here and things have really changed in the last few months. Shortly after my last post, Hubby was offered a great new job–an opportunity that was just too good to pass up.

I love the fall colors–almost makes up for the cold that follows.

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Princess Puppydog

Bored in the car.
Bored in the car.

Jon and I don’t have kids–we have a pup.  We didn’t plan it that way, but we love our life and our baby, even if she is a five-year-old dog. 😉

We always planned to have one of us home with the kids once we had them.  The opportunity for me to leave my job and stay home presented itself about six years ago, and we decided to give it a try before there were kids in the picture.   At some point we realized kids likely weren’t in the cards, but we were already used to my being home, so we stuck with it.  Which is how I became a childless housewife in 2014 (or, as my husband likes to call it, a stay-at-home puppy mommy).
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Name That Tune

I was browsing through YouTube a few days ago, trying to figure out the site.  I know it is popular, but I very rarely use it.  As I was poking around, I came across a video (it ended up being a commercial) that showed a group of dogs “singing” what was labeled as a “strangely familiar tune.”

Let’s be honest, I took the link because the dogs were cute.  🙂 Still, as the video was playing, I couldn’t help but wonder what song they were performing. Here’s the video: Read more

Who ever heard of a stay-at-home-puppy-mommy?

Three years ago, I quit my job and went back to school full time. I majored in English, with hopes of becoming a writer. Or a teacher. Or both. Throughout school, I took as many writing classes as I could, including five in journalism.

All worn out! :-)
All worn out! 🙂

Last semester I had minor surgery, but the doctor said recovery time could be any where from days to months, depending on how the surgery progressed, so Pookie and I decided I should take the semester off. (It actually took about two weeks.)

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