Guest Post by Shay Fabbro

I am thrilled to have a guest post from that awesome Shay Fabbro today! Shay recently released the second book in her YA series,  Twisted Reflections.  I was privileged to be able to read the story prior to publication, and I can honestly say I loved this book!

For more about this series, check out my review of the first book in the series, Dangerous Reflections, over at Writing on the Rocks.

In addition to her newly-released novel, Shay has also recently announced some great news regarding her sci-fi Portals of Destiny series, which you can check out on her site.

Here are a few of Shay’s thoughts on her YA series, the Adventures of Alexis Davenport: Read more

Guest Post by Marianne Hansen: Do You Shop to Look the Part?

Hi! I am excited to have Marianne Hansen, another awesome writer friend, here as my guest today!

In one of the Shopaholic books, there is a scene where the main character tries to pass herself off as an experienced horseback rider.  In order to do this, she buys a brand new riding outfit.  If she looked like she fit the part, she figured that would make all the difference. Read more

A Few Of My Favorite Things

I love my family, and their endless support of my writing goals.  For Christmas this year, I was thrilled to get the enrolment fees for two classes I had been hoping to take – Kristen Lamb‘s Blogging to Build Brand (aka WANA) and Bob Mayer‘s Write It Forward. (Thanks, Mom & Dad!) 🙂

I am learning so much in both classes, but I am also meeting a lot of wonderful writers.  On Wednesday, I was lucky to feature one of my fellow WANA classmates, Julie Kenner, as a guest blogger.  Today, I am being featured on my new friend and WANA classmate Ellen Gregory‘s blog, talking about some of my favorites in the reading world.  Take a moment and check it out here. Read more

Guest Post by Julie Kenner: The Genetic Link to Telling a Good Story

Hi Friends! I am excited to bring you an awesome guest post by bestselling author Julie Kenner! Check it out:

I’m a writer (can I hear a “duh” from the blogverse?) and so I know all about embellishing to make a story better, stronger, faster. But it wasn’t until a few years ago that I realized that embellishment thing had a bit of a genetic component.

Yes, whatever ability I may have to spin a good yarn came from my grandmother.

I blogged about Grandma recently (anyone else been stranded in Stockholm while traveling with a grandparent? Show of hands, please) and there are definitely more potential stories out there. So let’s call her by her name, shall we? Ebby. Yup, I got oodles of genetic material from Ebby, including the fact that my chin is slightly off center.

But I digress.

About that embellishment thing… Read more