Lending a Helping Hand

One of my favorite thing about my community theatre group, CAST, is the family atmosphere.  My mom, dad, brother, and I all performed in my first show with this awesome group in 1996. Today, my husband and I perform together each year. We are joined by many other families, both on stage and behind the scenes.


By spending so much time together (three to four days a week from January through late April, early May), the theatre group becomes a family. By this time of year, we are acting like a close family, with love, friendship, laughter, and yes, even an occasional disagreement.  😉 Read more

Thank you!

After much discussion and over seventy-five emails back and forth between households, we have made some more changes to the new site. Rather than say anything, I am going to let you wait it out until the new site goes live. 🙂

One thing I will address today is the plan to separate the new site from Karen and my blogs. What does this mean? Read more

With All This Reading and Tweeting, When Am I Supposed to Write?

Note: this post was originally published on Have Coffee…Will Write, a blog I ran with writing buddy Karen Delabar.

 See the original here.

A few months ago, after successfully completing NaNoWriMo, Karen and I decided to seriously pursue this writing thing.So, we started reading blogs about how to approach it and what needed to be done other than just writing.

That is where we learned about blogging.And Twitter.And Facebook fan pages.And that we needed them. Read more