Did I Say That…Out Loud?

Yesterday was an awesome writing day. My main character, Hope, stumbled across a dead body. Of course, it was someone she knew, and she may not have taken it well. 😉

In addition to writing almost three thousand words, I took the dog to the groomers, taking advantage of the time she was gone to clean the entire house without a twenty-pound puff-ball under foot.

As my husband was about to leave work, I sent him a text.

2857 words and a dead body, plus a clean house. Not a bad day! 😉
2857 words and a dead body, plus a clean house. Not a bad day! 😉

My first thought after I hit send was I hope no one is standing close enough to be able to read that. Which, of course, I tweeted.

I find myself having that thought more and more often lately. Whether it is a text to my husband or a conversation about poisons over breakfast in a crowded restaurant, I seem to forget that not everyone kills people off — only on paper (or screen), of course — on a regular basis.

Image courtesy of Simon Howden at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Image courtesy of Simon Howden at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The looks I have gotten in restaurants, stores, and other public places. Of course, it is not like I am quiet, either. My voice carries.  Hubby is convinced that someone is going to call the cops one day.

As long as they don’t check my internet search history, I should be OK. 😉


Do you have a tendency to forget where you are when engrossed in conversation as I do? Send someone a text, then think I hope their boss isn’t standing right next to them? Please share! 🙂

Pure Pecan Heaven

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The Best Part of Winter

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Thank you!

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With All This Reading and Tweeting, When Am I Supposed to Write?

Note: this post was originally published on Have Coffee…Will Write, a blog I ran with writing buddy Karen Delabar.

 See the original here.

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